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A hymn is defined as a song written specifically for the purpose of praise, adoration or prayer, and brings to one, nostalgic memories of solemn and reverential worship. In today's times, when modern "praise and worship' songs have replaced the more traditional hymns, this endeavour is to revive them, and introduce the younger generation to their beauty and grandeur.

The response of all albums from both within India and overseas has been overwhelming. In keeping with the very positive response we present the fifth album of Classic Hymns and the 1st in a regional language.

Classic Hymns - In Regional Languages

Based on the request from many Classic Hymns listeners, since January 2014 was lead to plan the next few hymns albums in regional languages.

Sarvashrayam , Classic Hymns first Malayalam album was released in August 2014. The recording of a 225 voice choir was done in a 180 year old church in May 2014 . Apart from this we had about 10 smaller groups recorded in various unique locations like heritage homes, house boat, ancient churches and heritage college campus as locations.

All Classic Hymns albums so far have had the distinction of maintaining excellence in production and received recognition of achieving international standards.

Jagathrakshaga", Classic Hymns first Tamil album was released in October 2015. As is the practice "Jagathrakshaga" also has many of the hymns being sung by a mass choir totalling 225, besides small groups doing a few songs. The album was recorded at the Heber Chapel of Madras Christian College Tambaram
Neer Mathram Pothum - Oct 2nd 2016 - Single Tamil Song Album Release.
Classic Hymns is glad to announce that a special single song DVD album " Neer Mathrum Poodum" sung by 9 celebrity Christian artists ( Hema John, Kalpana Raghavendra, Kirubavathi Daniel, Maxyn Kingston, Meghala Ratniaya, Ramya NSK, M.K Paul, Pastor Sam P Chelladurai and Sreejit Abraham) is being dedicated and released on Oct 2nd 2016 at AFT Church Purasawalkam Chennai at the 630 am service. The song will be played just after the dedication.
The album recording which commenced in late 2013. Many accomplished musicians have played for the song and a 20 member choir have done the choral backing. The Music is composed by Chitty Prakash Dhyriam and Choral arrangement by Augustine Paul.
The video depicts that person from every walk of life can say " Neer Matrum Poodum" from dawn ( rising of the sun) to dusk ( the going down..)
If in Chennai do come and bless the occasion. Others can view it on live stream
Presenting Classic Hymns Promo "Neer Mathrum Poodum "
Presenting Classic Hymns Promo "Sundara Parama Deva "
Presenting Classic Hymns Promo "Jagathraakshaga "

Presenting Classic Hymns Promo "Sarvashrayam "

Presenting Classic Hymns Promo "Blessed Assurance "
Presenting Classic Hymns third album "Old Rugged Cross "
Presenting Classic Hymns second album "Lead Kindly Light"
Presenting the pilot project of Classic Hymns first album "Ancient of Days"
This is an initiative of Classic Hymns.


This project has gained much enthusiasm, as it was common vision of most of the Choirs and the conductors.
Here are some key points that make this Project unique.

  • First time in India
  • Sung  by a 150 and 300 trained voices from about 10 and 16 to  choirs respectively
  • Lead by the who’s who among the conductors
  • Recorded live in the ambience of a 175 years old Church.
  • Most Hymns was accompanied by pipe organ ( 120 years old ) and grand piano.
  • Ancient Hymns written about 100 to 300 years ago.
  • Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite hymn features in each of the album.
    ("Abide with me", "Lead kindly Light" and in the 3rd it will be
    "When I survey the wondrous Cross").
  • Both the favourite hymns of Mahatma Gandhi was dedicated for the Mumbai blast Victims of 26th Nov 08.

"Most Hymns was accompanied by Pipe Organ (120 years old ) and Grand

"The Mass choir singing in "Classic Hymns" consist of close to 150 voices from 10 top choirs"